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Rules & Regulations


1. All sites at Campers World Inc. are for seasonal recreational use only. The season is from April 15 thru October 15. The site fee includes two adults and two children under age16. All seasonal campers must sign a yearly seasonal camping permit agreement.
2. All seasonal fees are due in full by April 15 of any given year. A daily fine will incur for any camper left on site that has not paid their entire seasonal fee by April 15. The daily fine is set at the discretion of management and continues until fees are fully paid. By May 1, any camper left on site without paying the total seasonal fee is considered abandoned and subject to disposal per discretion of Campers World Inc. All storage fees and deposits are due in full by Oct 15 of any given year. There are NO REFUNDS!
3. All electric and winter storage fees must be paid by October 15 of each year.
4. No modifications, alterations or permanent additions can be made to your campsite or camper. Altering the color of your trailer is considered a modification and management must approve the color. For any new seasonal contract, NO TRAILER OVER 10 YEARS OLD IS ALLOWED.
5. All seasonal sites must be cleaned by May 1, 2013. It is your responsibility to have someone clean your site in the event that you cannot do it yourself. By May 1, 2013, Campers World Inc. will clean all untidy seasonal sites at the rate of $25 per hour incurred by the seasonal occupant.
6. All seasonal sites must be well maintained throughout the season. If you do not maintain your lawn, it will be necessary for Campers World Inc. to mow your lawn at a cost of $45.00 per cut incurred by the seasonal occupant.
7. When clearing your site NEVER blow leaves onto neighboring sites or the roads. Dispose leaves in the designated area located at the upper level of the campground.
8. No tree cutting or limb trimming allowed without permission from the management.
9. Only one storage shed no larger than 8 X 8 allowed per site. No more than one screen house allowed per site.
10. Do not trespass on any site that is not yours.
11. Absolutely NO FIREARMS permitted on property!
12. No auto repairs on premises allowed. No washing machines or clotheslines allowed. No outdoor refrigerators or freezers allowed unless locked.
13. Absolutely NO washing of motor vehicles is allowed in the campground. Power washing your trailer permitted once per season. You must schedule a time and date with the office.
14. NEVER LEAVE FIRES UNATTENDED!! Do not move fire pits or rings without permission from the management.
15. All trash must be disposed of properly. Dumpsters are provided for everyday household trash. Bulky items must be disposed of off the premises. DO NOT throw them in our dumpsters. Dispose LEAVES ONLY in the designated area on the upper level of the camp.
16. You are responsible for the upkeep of your site. This includes mowing and keeping your site neat and orderly in appearance. All firewood must be neatly stacked.
17. No children under age 16 are allowed on the property without adult supervision. Parents or guardians are responsible for all actions of their minor children under age18.
18. Children under age 18 must be on their own site by 10PM. No bicycle riding in park allowed after dusk. Parents are responsible to enforce these rules. Parents are responsible for ALL actions of their minor children. Please do not allow children under age 12 to use the bathhouses without supervision.
19. Helmets must be worn by anyone under age 16 who is riding a bicycle on the premises. NO BICYCLE RIDING IN PARK AFTER DUSK!!
20. You are responsible for all actions of your guests. All guests must register and pay applicable fees. Guests arriving after 9PM must pay overnight fees. Guests who arrive prior to this time and have paid for daytime visiting must leave by 9PM. Never allow anyone to use your gate key pass unless management is aware of it. Misuse of gate keys will result in their deactivation.
21. SUBLETTING IS STRICLY PROHIBITED! All guests will be subject to visitor fees.
22. No ATVS allowed on the property. Motorcycles and mopeds can only be used to get to your site. There is no riding around or joyriding in the park on motorcycles or mopeds.
23. You must be 16 years of age with a valid driver’s license to operate a golf cart. No one under the age of 16 is allowed to drive any golf carts, even with parents or guardians by their side. Please be careful when operating motorized golf carts, they are not toys. All golf carts must have headlights and taillights in order to be driven after dusk.
NO FISHING, NO BOATS, AND NO DOGS. The beach is closed at 9 PM and no swimming allowed after that time. There are no lifeguards at the beach. Swimming is at your own risk. An adult must accompany children at all times.
26. Pets permitted for a fee. Shot records are to be on file in the office by April 15. Other conditions apply. Please see the management for further details regarding pets. Pets that cause disturbances such as excessive barking are not allowed to stay in park. You must clean up after your pet and pick up all wastes in the camp. You are responsible for all actions of your pet. ALL PETS MUST BE ON A LEASH WHILE WALKING AND ON YOUR SITE MUST BE ON A RUNNER OR LEAD. THE DOG SWIM AREA IS LOCATED AT THE BOAT LAUNCH. THE DOG RUN AREA IS LOCATED AT THE REC FIELD.
27. All permanent docks are the property of Campers World Inc. The four docks located left of the beach are available for use by all seasonal campers. To secure dock slips, grass area or kayak rack storage for watercraft see the fee schedule below. Waterfront campers are entitled to exclusive use of the dock on their site. The dock fee is incorporated in the waterfront seasonal site fee. In exchange for this exclusive right, waterfront campers are expected to properly maintain the dock at their own expense. 
$100 per season per boat, paddleboat, canoe, kayak If all slips on the four docks located to the left of the beach are completely rented for the season, space may be available at the dock located in the cove.
$50 per season per boat, paddle boat, canoe, kayak.
$50 per kayak per slot. 
28. Anyone storing a boat on a waterfront site other than the site’s occupants will be subject to the above fees.
29. Subletting of dock slips, grassy areas and kayak racks is STRICLY PROHIBITED!
30. Quiet hours are to be observed between 11 PM and 9 AM. Please be considerate. Music should be kept to a reasonable level at your site.
31. Seasonal camping permits are NON-transferable. Seasonal fees CANNOT be transferred to the new owners if you sell your camper. New owners must pay all applicable fees if Campers World Inc. approves them to become seasonal campers.
32. The management must approve selling of any camper on site.
33. If you give up your seasonal site for any reason (leaving the park, moving to another site etc…), you MUST remove all your personal belongings and trash from the site. This includes decks and sheds unless you have made prior arrangements with the management. Anything left on the site after inspection by the seasonal occupant and the management will become property of Campers World, Inc.
34. Campers World Inc. cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to any personal property at any time. All personal property is stored off-season at your own risk as well.