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Rules & Regulations

Campers World Rules and Regulations are provided primarily as a response to frequently asked
questions. They exist as a supplement to the basic rules of common sense that are expected of all

• Every camper at Campers World is a guest. Strive to act in the manner of someone you would
wish to have as a guest at your home. At the end of your stay be sure to leave the campground as
you found it.
• Be respectful of other campers. Ensure that nobody is burdened or endangered by your actions.

Camp rules are ultimately at the discretion of the employees and owners Campers World. If a camper has
any doubt about their intended actions, or if they feel that these rules are unclear or do not encompass
their area of concern, they are encouraged to ask permission first. A camper is ultimately responsible for
all of their and their guests actions at the campground and should not take any action that they are not
prepared to reverse or take responsibility for.
1. The camping season is from April 15 to October 15. Exiting campers are expected to leave
their campground as they found it. Returning campers must a) leave a deposit for the following
year. b) pay applicable winter storage fees. c) leave their camp site clean and tidy. All debris
must be removed, winter possessions secured, and permanent fixtures subject to security
deposit. Campers World reserves the right to clean camp sites deemed below a proper standard
and a service fee will be assessed. A service fee will be assessed for any Unsecured property
that is moved from the camp site by Campers World. Campsites that are left without a deposit
will be deemed abandoned by the camper, any remaining property will be removed and all
action will be taken to find new campers for the campsite. All campers must settle outstanding
electricity balances by the end of the season or the end of their stay.
2. Campers are required to clean their camp sites in the spring and maintain a clean and tidy
appearance throughout the season, including grass mowing. Campers World will notify
campers that do not meet a minimum standard. If a camper is unable to maintain their camp site
for any reason, Campers World will clean the site and a service fee will be assessed.
3. A campsite will have a maximum of four individuals that are identified at time a camper
becomes a guest. All others shall be considered guests. Campers with guests are responsible
for notifying Campers World of the identities of all guests, expected duration of visit, and are
subject to permission being granted by Campers World and may become subject to fees at the
discretion of Campers World.
4. No guest of a camper is allowed on the property without the immediate presence of a camper.
Campers are responsible for the actions of their guests.
5. Children under the age of 18 are not allowed on the property unattended.
6. The purchase and sale of personal property by a camper will never include or infer rights or
ownership to a camp site or anything else at Campers World. Sold possessions must be
removed from the campground or the buyer must have a separate rental/security agreement
with Campers World. Security deposits will not be refunded and should be considered in any
purchase agreement.
7. Campers/Trailers are by default considered mobile, registered, and street worthy. Any property
brought to a campsite that does not meet these criteria will be considered a liability and a
security deposit will be assessed by Campers World relative to the predicted cost of removal.

8. Structures of any kind must be at the permission of Campers World and are subject to removal
or security deposit. All property deemed unacceptable by Campers World is subject to speedy
removal. Campers World reserves the right to remove said property at any time and the cost of
removal assessed to the responsible camper.
9. No firearms, explosives, or illegal drugs are permitted on the property.
10. No tree cutting or tree limbing is allowed without the permission of Campers World.
11. There are no refunds for any reason. Deposits are more than just a prepayment. They are
bonds that purchase and secure future activity for the camper.
12. Trespassing on other campsites is forbidden. That includes pets!
13. Pets must be always controlled by their owner. Pets must either be on their owner's campsite or
on a leash in common areas. Owners are responsible for the actions of their pets as if they were
their own.
14. Never leave a fire unattended.
15. All trash must be disposed of properly. Dumpster services are provided. Bulky items must be
removed from the property. If dumpsters are not available or filled, campers are expected to
remove trash from the property on their own.
16. Proper safety equipment must be worn by everyone while participating in any activity where it
is required.
17. Subletting a campsite is prohibited.
18. The speed limit of any vehicle is limited to 5 MPH on the property.
19. No person between the ages of 12 through 16, shall operate a golf cart or four-wheeler without
adult supervision.
20. No person under the age of 12, may operate a golf cart or four-wheeler on the premises.
21. The speed limit on the pond is limited to 8 MPH, by order of State of Connecticut DEEP.
22. Swimming is at your own risk. Beach area is closed after 9pm.
23. Quite hours at the campground are from10pm to 8am.
24. Campers World shall not be held responsible for the loss or damage of any personal property
left at the camp site.
25. Campers must be paid in full by April 15th

of each year to activate their key cards and have
access to the property. Campers with payment arrears are considered trespassers when on the
property and jeopardize their permission to any future camping.

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